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Cotswold Hereford

Genuine BMW 3 Series Touring G21 G81 Roof Bars 82712444245

Genuine BMW 3 Series Touring G21 G81 Roof Bars 82712444245

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Genuine BMW 3 Series Touring G21 G81 Roof Bars

Part number: 82712444245
The roof cross bars can be combined with all BMW roof rack mounts and roof boxes. They are easy to install without tools and comply with the highest quality and safety standards thanks to their sturdy construction and anti-theft locking system. With their characteristic BMW design, the roof cross bars also perfectly complement the vehicle's look and design.

Benefits of the BMW roof cross bars at a glance:
  • innovative torque tool with automatic torque control
  • easy, tool-free installation
  • integrated cover strip
  • anti-theft locking system
  • optimised for use with BMW mounts
  • aerodynamic profile with increased profile rigidity and reduced noise emission
  • weight of roof cross bars: 5 kg, maximum roof load: 100 kg
  • includes: two support braces, key, assembly information
Delivery Overview:
  • 2 Cross members.
  • 2 Keys (theft protection).
  • Installation information.
Additional Information:
Safety note:
  • Please alert the customer to the fact that the total weight (base carrier + attachments + payload = roof load) must not be exceeded.
  • The maximum roof load can be found in the BMW owner's manual for the car in question.
Technical Data:
  • Weight of the carrier: approx. 5 kg

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